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I say yes when I could say no

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To you, the professional world has a set of rules you need to follow. 

You make sure you and your team understand the rules of the game and that your team will be successful. You play by the rules of the game and climb the ladder. Because of this, you may hide your true self behind a mask in many situations. 

Someone asks you to do a project or task that’s unrealistic? You keep your mask on and say YES and get it done.

Someone tries to make you look bad? You defend yourself and your team and look for a way to turn it around.

You may not do all these things all the time, but overall you can be very good at playing the game, even if it requires wearing masks.

At the same time, you can get exhausted or fed up playing this game. Clocking into work and putting on your “work face” day after day has a downside. When you come home, you may feel it’s hard to click out of this perspective. 

Ultimately, you are not as fulfilled as you could be because it WOULD be amazing to just show up and be yourself at work… it’s just not a realistic approach

Date Taken: Aug 5, 2023

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